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Pay only FIVE DOLLER for delivery.

We have curated weekly essentials from variety of local stores. From cooked meals, fresh produce to medicines, and more.

All items in one delivery. Every week. Delivered at your door.
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We are "the marketplace for local store's."

Everything you need assembled in one place.

From cooked meals, grocery, and produce to medicine, and much more.

Buy everything in a single order and get it in one delivery.

No more last minute scrambling or costly app delivery for meals.

What more, when you buy surprise offers, you pay % less for products and services.

Your support help create thriving local business community.

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Buy from Multiple Store's

Restaurants, Grocery, Produces, Pastries, Meats and much more.

Meals from variety of restaurant

Mix & build your weakly meals from different restaurant and cusines.

Favorite Produces, Pastries & Breads

Get from local artisan food creators

Support local business

Buy from local business via friently platform

Fixed small delivery charge

Order ahead and we club all the customer orders in your route. This help us provide this service for small delivery fee.

Environment friendly

We use reusable packaging materials to minimize Environment impact. We batch customer orders in routes.

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